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Transportation Pilot Project

Why did we take on this project? Road safety is of critical importance to all Canadians. In a large country like Canada, many of us spend countless hours on the road each year. And as a winter country, our roads often become treacherous during severe weather.  Aviva Canada launched their

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App Feature: Radar

Available in the Weatherlogics App  for All Subscriptions    Weatherlogics’ Radar Map* – check out the NEW radar layer in the app The updated layer now displays past and future radar images *previously named Interactive Map ⛈️ Getting Started Here are some steps to get started viewing radar for your

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Weatherlogics launches a new winter road safety pilot

Weatherlogics launches a new winter road safety pilot With colder weather approaching, Weatherlogics has launched a new road safety pilot program for winter 2021-22. At Weatherlogics, we use leading-edge technology to provide weather forecasts and this pilot will provide specialized road weather forecasts to trucking companies and commercial fleets through

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