Winter Maintenance

Winter weather can be difficult to manage. Utilize our meteorologists to ensure you are on top of the next big winter storm.

Plan Crews

Winter maintenance operators can confidently plan crews using our weather forecasts. This reduces idle time, saving time and money.


Our meteorologists are available to provide your organization with custom road weather forecasts or provide consultation during winter storms.

App and Emails

All of our forecasts are available through our app and by email. This ensures you always have the latest information at your finger tips.


Cost Savings

By knowing what weather is coming, crews can be scheduled and treatments can be targeted. Research has shown that using road weather forecasts can save 1-5% of the annual winter maintenance budget.


Being able to proactively prepare for winter storms improves the safety of our roads. This ensures treatments are made before storms hit, preventing dangerous icing of roads and bridges.


Targeted applications of road chemicals can reduce waste and the environmental impact. This is important, especially for organizations that are trying to manage road salt damage.

Easily Adopt a Best Practice

Road weather maintenance operators are increasingly adopting weather monitoring as a best practice. The Ontario standards for road maintenance require at least two weather updates per day throughout the winter season. In addition, organizations which use salt as part of their maintenance strategy are adopting weather information as part of their salt management strategy.

Check It Out

Here are some screenshots of what the forecast emails and app looks like


Most frequent questions and answers

Organizations that purchase our road weather forecasting service receive access to our app with weather information for their location of choice. We also send emails with the latest forecast update to all app users. Additional services such as a call-in consulting line are available.

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There are many different service packages available depending on the requirements of the organization. Please schedule a call with us for a custom quote.

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It Never Hurts to Try

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