Always be prepared for the next winter storm

Winter weather is tough to manage. Snow, freezing rain, and black ice present challenges to maintenance crews, especially as temperatures change from one extreme to the next. With Weatherlogics, you can confidently plan ahead for whatever Mother Nature brings your way, saving time, enhancing safety, and improving resiliency.

Weatherlogics has developed a proprietary weather prediction system which provides advanced road-specific weather forecast guidance. Our system shows you all the necessary weather information to plan ahead and make informed decisions to fight the next winter storm. This is not your typical weather forecast.


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Can’t I just use my weather app?

Weather apps are designed to provide “public forecasts”. These are general weather forecasts that tell you whether you need to bring an umbrella or dress in layers. Weather apps are not designed to trigger plow operations or show how much deicing chemical to apply. Weatherlogics’ winter maintenance portal is designed to show you how to fight winter weather based on road-specific triggers.


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Key Advantages

Utilizing road weather forecasts is proven to save money and improve service. A report by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation notes that some jurisdictions have found a cost-benefit ratio as high as 20:1 when using road weather information. The benefits of this information don't only go to winter maintenance operators, but also to the public. Motorists experience fewer accidents, reduced delays, and less environmental impact. Another study by the Western Transportation Institute found that utilizing road weather forecasts saves 1 to 6% of the total winter maintenance budget. Utilizing road weather information is a win-win for all involved, providing numerous benefits:

  • Save money on winter maintenance.
  • Planning crews is made easier.
  • Improve safety by receiving advanced warning of winter weather.
  • Less environmental impact by reducing unnecessary chemical treatments.
  • Service is improved to ratepayers through faster response times.

Use Cases

Weather data for winter maintenance can be applied in both the public and private sectors. The information can be utilized by provincial, state, and municipal governments and also by private snow removal contractors. Software developers can also incorporate the data into applications that require road-specific weather information

I am a...

A government road maintenance manager

Weatherlogics’ forecasting system helps governments prepare for adverse weather. Our advanced road-specific weather information will allow you to prepare for upcoming weather events. When a storm hits,  customizable treatment triggers will show crews the correct application rates for road chemicals. By being prepared for the next storm, you’ll improve response time, reduce waste, and save money.

An elected official

The safety and efficiency of snow removal operations are always top of mind for elected officials in winter. Weatherlogics’ winter maintenance platform will ensure your community is always ready to tackle winter weather. By using this platform, maintenance crews will be ready to tackle the next winter storm before it arrives. This keeps your roads safe, ensures good service for residents, and saves money.

A snow removal contractor

Weatherlogics’ forecasting system is also available to snow removal contractors. You want to be prepared to keep your crews ready and your customers happy before the snow flies. With the Weatherlogics platform you will receive advanced road-specific guidance so you can be prepared for the next storm. By knowing what’s coming ahead, you can confidently and efficiently plan your snow clearing operation.

A vehicle manufacturer

Weatherlogics makes all our road-specific weather information available through an API. This critical information can be fed directly into vehicles to alert drivers of upcoming inclement weather conditions. By providing drivers with alerts about upcoming weather hazards, they can take action before conditions turn dangerous.

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Available Data

  • Road weather forecast app (Desktop and mobile)
    • Radar imagery
    • Satellite imagery
    • Weather warnings
    • Forecast graphs
    • Forecast tables
    • Meteorologist discussion
    • Current conditions
    • Icon-based forecast
    • Contact form
    • Treatment triggers
  • Road-specific forecast variables (available hourly).

    • Pavement temperature.
    • Road condition (e.g. snow, frost, black ice, wet, dry, etc).
    • Pavement strength index (freezing/thawing index).
    • Blowing snow.
  • Ordinary forecast variables (available hourly).
    • Air temperature, wind chill, and humidex.
    • Dewpoint temperature and relative humidity.
    • Wind speed, gust, and direction.
    • Rain, snow, freezing rain, and ice pellets.
    • Probability of precipitation, cloud cover, and risk of thunderstorms.
    • Custom options available.
  • Our app can integrate with your RWIS or pull from nearby traditional weather stations.
  • Our app has a management portal to allow you to easily create new accounts for staff members.
  • Print out or download forecasts to distribute to staff and stakeholders.

How do I access this data?

Our road weather data is accessible via a web-based portal that is both mobile and desktop friendly. Data can also be pulled from a REST API for developers.

Web portal

Contact us today to get a free trial and consultation for our web portal. We’ll give you a chance to test out the system with no obligation.

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Developers can access our road weather forecasts using our API. You can integrate road-specific forecasts into your app to provide a unique feature that users will love.

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When you contact us for your free trial and consultation, we will provide you with our pricing options. The web portal is highly customizable, to ensure you only pay for the features you need!