Specialists in more accurate weather forecasting and research.

Our clients value us for more accurate, high-quality weather information. Industries that depend on knowing what the elements have in store like agriculture, government, insurance, and transportation need the most accurate predictions available. As well, planners of outdoor events and other weather-dependent activities rely on us to know what to expect.

Planning for the best and worst of Mother Nature

When you grow up on the Canadian Prairies weather just becomes part of who you are. So, it may not be all that surprising that as young entrepreneurs, our founders Matthieu Desorcy and Scott Kehler know a great deal about the subject. They have experienced the challenges of forecasting weather in some of the most extreme climates. Weatherlogics is the realization of their dedication to creating and growing a private-sector meteorology firm that provides more accurate weather information to a wide range of clients.

Meet the Team

Not only is our team made up of meteorologists, we can honestly say weather is our number one passion.


Matthieu Desorcy

Co-Founder & Chief Meteorologist

Matt is the Chief Meteorologist at Weatherlogics. He oversees our weather forecasting operations to ensure our clients receive timely, accurate weather information.

Sambid Shrestha

Fullstack Web Developer

Sambid is a fullstack web developer at Weatherlogics. He develops and maintains our web-based weather forecasting portal.


Scott Kehler

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

Scott is the Chief Scientist at Weatherlogics. He oversees the development of new products and services which incorporate the latest technology and meteorological techniques.

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Paul Pries

Scientific Software Developer


Paul is a scientific software developer at Weatherlogics. His interests include data analysis, database management, and machine learning.

Our Values

Weatherlogics is committed to being environmentally responsible and community-minded. That’s why we’ve developed policies to ensure that we adhere to these values

Environmental Statement

Weatherlogics recognizes the need to maintain environmentally-responsible operations. We strive to minimize our environmental footprint as much as possible. Here are the ways we have implemented environmentally-responsible practices in our company:

  • Paperless operations: Weatherlogics uses electronic means to communicate with clients unless otherwise requested by the client. We also maintain electronic records wherever possible as allowed by government regulations.
  • Carbon footprint: Weatherlogics is powered by Manitoba Hydro, which generates electricity from hydroelectric and wind sources. We strive to use renewable energy sources throughout our operation whenever possible.
  • Recycling: Weatherlogics ensures that all used electronic equipment is recycled when possible and that our office maintains a recycling policy for general refuse.


Weatherlogics is a proud community member. Here are some of the ways that we give back to our community:

  • Education: Weatherlogics provides free education services to public schools and charitable organizations
  • Forecasting: Weatherlogics provides free forecasting and consulting services to charitable and some non-profit organizations
  • Charity: Weatherlogics sponsors not-for-profit events in the community.

Use Our Passion to Solve Your Problems

We have a wide range of weather solutions to help your business save money, improve efficiency, and increase safety. Click the button to read more about how we can help you!