Winter weather can be difficult to manage. 

Use our meteorologists to ensure you are on top of the next big winter storm.


Use our weather forecasts to keep drivers informed of dangerous conditions on the roads.


Use advanced weather forecasts to re-route drivers before they encounter dangerous weather or road closures.


Keep drivers away from dangerous weather, reducing costs from accidents and penalties from delayed shipments.

Transportation Pilot Project

A white paper about how Weatherlogics' technology helped several transportation companies.

Transportation Tech in the Media

A selection of articles about how Weatherlogics' forecasting technology is used in the transportation industry.

Trucking companies using technology that predicts adverse weather and road conditions saw a 20% decrease in weather-related accidents, saving approximately $100,000 a year for an average fleet of 300 trucks. Artificial intelligence (AI) helped produce the road conditions forecast, said Scott Kehler, president and chief scientist of Weatherlogics, a Winnipeg, Man.-based forecasting company that conducted a six-month pilot project on the technology.

Winnipeg's Weatherlogics launches a new road safety pilot project, specifically aimed at truck travel. Brianne Foley explains.

If a company operates 100 trucks, it has scores of drivers travelling down the road checking the weather forecast – at their start point, along the route, and destination. Conditions can change quickly, and danger lurks around the next bend.

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A selection of posts about Weatherlogics' forecasting technology for the transportation industry.

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