Weather is one of the most important external factors affecting transportation. Winter storms cause road conditions to become more dangerous, delaying travel, and introducing uncertainty into planning. Weatherlogics specializes in providing weather forecasts for roads so that you know what's coming, before it arrives. Advanced warning of adverse weather conditions provides numerous benefits to the transportation industry:


Improve driver safety by advising of bad road conditions.


Plan alternate routes to avoid hazardous weather; keeping freight on time.


Comply with weather-related regulations, such as restrictions on LCVs.


Avoid Penalties due to late arrivals of weather-delayed shipments.

Customer Alerts

Let customers know when weather may affect a shipment.

Road Weatherlogics

Our Road Weatherlogics service is our key transportation offering. It provides detailed future weather information for all major highways in Canada and the United States. With Road Weatherlogics, you know where weather is currently disrupting transportation and how future weather systems will affect roads and highways. By knowing the weather in advance, driver safety can be improved, planners can make more informed decisions, and customers can be alerted of potential delays.

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Our professional meteorologists are always available to help you make important weather-related decisions. If you need to seek advice from a meteorologist in real-time, our consulting line may be the right option for you:

  • Call a meteorologist directly to discuss current or future weather conditions.
  • Get answers to questions that are specific to your industry.
  • Build trust in the forecast by having a meteorologist communicate uncertainties in the weather pattern.


We are experts in all forms of weather. If you require specialized training, either on our software platforms, or to educate your staff about severe weather, we're here to help.

  • Increase your understanding about how weather systems develop, intensify, and affect transportation.
  • Get customized training on our Road Weatherlogics platform.
  • We can help you identify aspects of your business where weather data can improve decision making; improving efficiency and reducing costs.

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