App Feature: Radar

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Available in the Weatherlogics App 

for All Subscriptions 


Weatherlogics’ Radar Map* – check out the NEW radar layer in the app

The updated layer now displays past and future radar images

*previously named Interactive Map

⛈️ Getting Started

Here are some steps to get started viewing radar for your current location:
  1. In the Weatherlogics’ app navigation menu, select the Radar & Road Map *previously named Interactive Map, Road Forecasts are a premium subscription feature
  2.  If not already selected, click on the radar icon – upper-left of the bottom panel – to turn on the layer
  3. Click on the upper part of the panel, to expand / collapse the point forecast and radar legend information
  4. Click the play/pause button to start and stop the radar animation
  5. Drag the circular time control on the timeline to view the radar layer at a specific time
  6. Click on the selected time label for a larger view of the time

Weatherlogics’ Radar Map

  • Radar coverage for North America and the northern parts of Central America
  • High resolution, colourized precipitation image layers
    • rain, snow, freezing rain, ice pellets
  • New past and future radar layers
    • *future radar is available for premium subscribers
mobile radar location
  • Zoom in to view road labels or use the locate icon to view your current location on the map
  • Use the radar layer in combination with other map layers
    • weather stations, road cameras, weather warnings, road condition, and point forecast 
  • Weather Stations and Radar
  • Road Cameras and Radar
  • Weather Warnings and Radar
  • Road Condition and Radar
  • Point Forecast and Radar

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