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Advanced Weather APIs

In today’s world it’s not enough to just know what weather is coming, you also need to know the impact. With our advanced weather APIs, you can see not only standard weather forecasts of temperature, precipitation, wind, and humidity, but also the impact of changing conditions. 

Do you need to know what road conditions will be tomorrow, or whether visibility will be reduced in blowing snow? 

Our APIs can provide you with all the weather information you need to stay up to date with volatile weather.


Historical APIs provide data about weather conditions that occurred in the past. These conditions may have occurred days, months, or year in the past. Some examples of this data would include what was the temperature 5 years ago in January, or where did it hail last summer?

Climate Data

Our database contains historical climate data for any location in Canada. Data includes temperature, wind, humidity, precipitation, and pressure. Some locations have measurements all the way back to the 1800s!


Weatherlogics maintains Canada's only hail database. Contact us to learn how you can access our ground hail reports.


Our severe weather database includes severe wind gust information. These gusts were measured by official weather stations.


Our database includes other data like tornadoes, heavy rain, and more.


Current conditions APIs provide data about the weather that is happening right now, in real time. This includes real-time weather observations like temperature, wind, humidity, precipitation, and cloud cover.

Weather Observations

Our database contains current weather data for many locations. Data includes temperature, wind, precipitation, humidity, pressure, and more.

Road Conditions

Road conditions are a critical factor when monitoring winter weather. We provide current road conditions for locations across Canada and the United States.

Radar and Satellite

Access current and historical radar and satellite maps.


If you are looking for other weather information please contact us.


Forecast APIs provide data about future weather conditions. Our future predictions extend up to 384 hours / 16 days into the future. This allows you to proactively provide forecasts of upcoming weather and road conditins.

Weather Forecasts

Weatherlogics has a proprietary forecast model which produces forecasts for locations across North America. This model is bias-corrected and weighted for accuracy, producing optimal forecasts.

Road Forecasts

The ability to see future road conditions is a huge benefit to any application. Our proprietary road forecast model can do just that.

Agriculture Forecasts

Weather is one of the most important factors in agriculture. Our agricultural forecast indices can help producers make better decisions.


If you are looking for other weather-related predictions, just contact us.


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