Weatherlogics launches a new winter road safety pilot

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Weatherlogics launches a new winter road safety pilot

With colder weather approaching, Weatherlogics has launched a new road safety pilot program for winter 2021-22. At Weatherlogics, we use leading-edge technology to provide weather forecasts and this pilot will provide specialized road weather forecasts to trucking companies and commercial fleets through the winter season.

Weatherlogics President Scott Kehler describes the goals:

“Our goal with this program is to improve road safety for truck drivers during adverse weather. Using novel techniques in artificial intelligence, we will provide road forecasts across North America up to a week in advance”​

This pilot program has been developed in partnership with Aviva Canada and Highline Beta.

Hazel Tan, head of corporate responsibility at Aviva Canada, says:

At Aviva, we’re committed to making roads safer for Canadians through our social impact platform, Take Back Our Roads, leveraging our knowledge, data, partnerships and funding to invest directly in road safety initiatives. Working with Weatherlogics on this pilot will help create real change to improve road safety in Canada and we look forward to seeing the results of the pilot.

The pilot program will conclude in spring 2022. The results of the program will be compiled into a report which summarizes the road safety benefits that were realized.

For more information, please contact:
Scott Kehler
President and Chief Scientist
Weatherlogics Inc

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