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Weather is the most important factor in determining the success of a growing season. Farmers are affected by weather every day and knowing what's coming is important when making tough decisions. Weatherlogics specializes in providing farmers with ag-specific forecasts. We use our scientific knowledge and exceptional accuracy to provide farmers with weather information they can use to optimize their operations. We are proud of unique benefits we offer our ag clients:

Not in Ag, No Problem!

While our agriculture forecasts are mainly marketed toward farmers, the information we provide can be used by many other sectors like construction, landscaping, or even for cottagers! If you're not in agriculture and sign-up for the forecasts, you'll receive all the same forecast details described below, but for the area where you live. We can even send you the information for cottage country, just let us know!

Agriculture Subscription

Our agriculture weather forecast subscription is our primary solution for farmers. To learn more, continue reading below. If you're ready to sign up, click the subscribe button.



At Weatherlogics, accuracy is our number one priority. Our forecasts are exceptionally accurate; and we have the numbers to back it up.


Our agriculture forecasts contain all the  information you need to make decisions, including: A five-day forecast, maps, and written discussions.


We only employ highly-trained meteorologists that use the latest science to produce our forecasts. With Weatherlogics, you are always dealing with professionals.


Our forecasts are designed to be used by farmers. Unlike your typical public forecast, our focus is strictly on assisting the ag industry.

What's Included?

Our agriculture subscription provides farmers with detailed and accurate weather forecasts for their region six days per week. Below we describe what's included with the service and the new features for 2019!

New for 2019!

  • Now available in Saskatchewan and the northern US.
  • Hourly forecast graphs for the next 36 hours.
  • The forecast is given for the location of your farm, rather than by region.

Standard service features:

  • A five-day forecast for your farm.
  • A general weather outlook discussing the weather pattern over the next few days.
  • Email updates during the day when significant weather is occurring.
  • High-resolution maps of precipitation, wind, and temperature that show high-impact weather that will be occurring in the short-term.
  • A long-range outlook discussing the expected weather conditions over the next 1-3 weeks.

Accuracy Stats

At Weatherlogics, producing accurate forecasts is always our top priority. We integrate the latest science, technology, and data in our forecasting process to produce the best possible results for you. As part of our commitment to accuracy, we continuously monitor the accuracy of our forecasts.

Our 2017 forecasts were compared to public forecasts across the Red River Valley in Manitoba. Our overall forecast error was 1.52 C versus 2.24 C for the public forecasts, a 32% improvement. These forecast errors were lower across all five forecast days. These statistics were calculated by comparing the average temperature across 5 weather stations in the southern Red River Valley to the forecasts. The overall error is the average of errors across all five days of the forecast.

2019 Service Area

Our agriculture forecasting service is now available in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Northern US. To see if you are in the coverage area, check the service area map. When you sign up for your forecast, we will use the latitude and longitude of your farm (or an exact address) to produce your forecast.

If you are located just outside the boundaries of the service area, you may contact us to see if you qualify. Some farms near the service area boundary may still be eligible.

What Farmers are Saying

"Worth every penny, they do a great job of forecasts."


"Just received your Christmas Card @weatherlogics. Thank-you for the top notch service and looking forward to next year! Merry Christmas!"


"Those are standup guys. Can’t wait to subscribe next spring."


Why is Weatherlogics Different?

Many people ask us what makes our weather forecasts different from everyone else. The key difference is that all our forecasts are produced by meteorologists, not computers. This has numerous benefits:

  • Computer-based apps and websites update many times per day, causing the forecast to change constantly.
  • Real meteorologists can take into account all available data, not just one computer simulation.
  • We can communicate in real language how we expect the weather to behave, giving you confidence in our forecasts and an idea of where there may be uncertainty.
  • If you have any issues, you can contact us! Customer service is our top priority.

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Other Agriculture Services

Most of our agriculture services are designed for farmers. However, we also have offerings for large agriculture companies. Some of these offerings include:

  • Long-range forecasts to predict where demand for field inputs will be strongest.
  • Short and medium-range forecasts for grain shippers that will show where weather-related delays may occur.
  • Quality-controlled data and climate statistics to show past meteorological trends.

Our meteorologists are experts in almost any kind of weather forecasting or research problem. Please contact us if you'd like us to discuss a custom solution with you.

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