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One way that Weatherlogics remains active in our community is by keeping the public informed of new weather and climate information. As part of this involvement, Weatherlogics meteorologists frequently speak with the media about topics related to weather or climate.

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Although a forecasted snowstorm, set to hit Manitoba Monday, might not be encouraging news for some, but farmers are welcoming the precipitation with open arms. Alex Karpa reports.

According to local meteorologist Scott Kehler, nine of the past ten growing seasons have been dryer than usual and this year looks like more of the same.

Steinbach Online: April 9, 2021 Tweet

It has been one of the driest years on record in Manitoba. Scott Kehler, Chief Scientist at Weatherlogics says – it may not get much better. Alex Karpa has more on this story.

While there may not be flood concerns in 2021, the spectre of drought hovers over much of the Prairies. A very dry 2020, backed up by similar conditions this winter, compounding a years-long trend leading to “moisture deficit” that could seriously impact the growing season.

Temperatures in Winnipeg and across the province are dipping below -30 degrees Celsius. Scott Kehler, Chief Scientist at Weatherlogics says the frigid weather could be around for a while. Alex Karpa has more.

Scott Kehler, Chief Scientist of Weatherlogics explains there is a trough in the jet stream over western Canada. And that big dip is carrying weather systems out of the northern United States.

Steinbach Online: June 9, 2020 Tweet

After last year’s sudden switch to wet weather, forecasting into 2020 is proving challenging says Scott Kehler, chief scientist for Weatherlogics Inc.

Real Agriculture: February 26, 2020 Tweet

Speaking at the CropConnect 2020 conference in Winnipeg, Feb. 13, Kehler said “there’s not really a strong pattern one way or the other,” when it comes to the temperature outlook.

The Western Producer: February 14, 2020 Tweet

To say it was a wet weekend in the city would be a huge understatement. Brandon was one of the hardest hit areas in the Province after heavy rainstorms pounded the city on Friday and Saturday.

A severe thunderstorm rolled through Manitoba Friday morning, producing high winds, hail, and trapping people in cars as Winnipeg’s streets flooded.

After a record dry spell, rain is a welcome relief to local farmers, said Scott Kehler, chief scientist at Weatherlogics in Winnipeg. "The past two years have been quite dry," said Kehler.

Winnipeg Free Press: July 10, 2019 Tweet

Winnipeg hasn’t been this lacking in precipitation through the first half of a year… since the stats began to be tracked in 1873. Mike Albanese has more.

In the first six months of 2019, the city had received only 91 millimetres of precipitation, according to data from meteorology firm Weatherlogics.

Winnipeg Free Press: July 3, 2019 Tweet

Over the past 45 years, those nights have become rarities. According to meteorologist Scott Kehler, the temperature has only dropped below –40 C in Winnipeg six times since 1974.

Ask Scott Kehler and he’ll tell you it’s all a matter of science, but it’s got to be good science. Kehler is the chief researcher and co-founder of Weatherlogics...

Western Producer: December 27, 2018 Tweet