Losses from severe weather continue to increase each year. Use our data to understand and track severe storms.

Losses From Severe Weather Are Increasing.

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, losses from severe weather are increasing. It is now common for annual losses to exceed $1 billion. In the past 5 years alone losses have exceeded $10 billion. Virtually all catastrophic losses (>$25 million) are weather-related.

Historical Data

Weatherlogics maintains an extensive database of climate and severe weather data.


Accurate weather forecasts can allow organizations to proactively plan for upcoming conditions.

Real Time Monitoring

Our meteorologists track severe weather as it happens and can provide critical updates to clients.


Our expertise in meteorology, climatology, and development allow us to undertake a range of custom projects.

Example Gallery

Here are some examples of insurance-related projects we have undertaken.

Map Layers

After severe weather events, map layers showing radar, satellite, and hail swaths can be very useful to understand the event and verify claims.

Severe Reports

Weatherlogics maintains an extensive database of hail, wind, tornado, and rainfall data for all of Canada. These custom datasets provide ground-measurements of actual events.

Storm Tracking

Our meteorologists provide some clients with real-time storm tracking and alerting. This allows you to monitor severe events as they happen.


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