Weatherlogics Hail Maps

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Weatherlogics is a leader in the prediction of severe weather, including hailstorms, across Canada. Our technology allows us to forecast hail events, track hailstorms in real-time, and map the paths of these storms. In a previous blog post we talked about hailstorms in more detail. Recently, Co-op Hail Insurance, and Weatherlogics partnered in a hailstorm data sharing project for better understand and forecast hail events in the prairies. The new partnership between Co-op Hail and Weatherlogics will bring improved awareness, reporting, and damage assessment for hailstorms events that affect crops on the Prairies. Weatherlogics’ President and Chief Scientist Scott Kehler spoke with CBC about this project.

Prairie hailstorms can be some of the worst in the world. It is not unusual for hail stones to vary from pea size hail all the way up to baseball size. Sometimes it is not the size of the stone that matters, but the volume of stones. A large number of marble-sized hail stones can be more damaging, especially to crops, than a small number of larger stones.

Weatherlogics uses its expertise, weather prediction technology, and proprietary models that identify areas that have experienced severe hail. The process includes taking weather radar data, atmospheric temperature profiles, and ground-truth hail measurements to produce maps of hail events.

Hail swath map over southern Manitoba
With years of experience in hailstorm reporting, the team at Weatherlogics has the expertise to provide you with accurate information about Canadian hail events. Feel free to get in touch to learn more, or visit our online store to access hail maps now.

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