What Makes Our Agriculture Weather Forecasts Different?

At Weatherlogics, we strive to provide accurate, detailed, and reliable weather forecasts to the agriculture industry. We understand your frustration with traditional sources of forecasts which can be confusing and lack detail and consistency, which is why we’ve developed our own forecasting service.

At Weatherlogics, our in-house meteorologists produce our own independent, daily forecasts by utilizing various tools such as radar, satellite, surface weather observations, upper-air observations and weather models. This contrasts to many other forecasts which tend to be automated using weather models, rather than allowing trained meteorologists to produce the forecast by utilizing all available tools. While computer models are a great tool to assist in the forecasting process, relying solely on them will inevitably lead to inconsistent and inaccurate forecasts, especially for high-impact weather events. Weather models can also update up to four times per day, causing the forecast to change often, making it difficult to know what to believe.

Weatherlogics’ meteorologists carefully analyze the weather.

The forecasting service provided by Weatherlogics is used by the agriculture industry in all corners of Manitoba. Some reasons why so many have chosen Weatherlogics include:

  • Detail – By providing more detail, our clients are fully aware of what weather is coming before it arrives. We don’t just give the forecast, we explain why the weather is behaving the way it is and also address uncertainties in the forecast.
  • Proven accuracy – In 2017, our temperature forecasts were 30% more accurate than the public forecasts.
  • Meteorologists – Our forecasts are made by real meteorologists. This reduces variability in day-to-day forecast updates and increases confidence because the forecast process is guided by experienced meteorologists.
  • Communication – The uncertainties in the weather forecast are communicated to provide a better idea of where the weather may differ from the forecast
The error in Weatherlogics’ 2017 agriculture forecasts was lower than public forecasts.

Our agriculture forecasts are sent out by email 6 days a week to subscribers. Features of these forecasts include:

  • 5-day forecasts of temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, and wind.
  • Maps of precipitation amounts for the next 3 days.
  • Maps of wind speed and temperatures.
  • A short-term outlook discussing the weather and its uncertainties over the next few days.
  • A long-range outlook discussing the pattern over the next 1-3 weeks.
  • Email updates when significant weather has developed or there is a note-worthy change in the forecast.
An example of a wind map included in every forecast.

In addition to our daily weather forecasts, we also provide other services that help our clients prepare for future weather events:

  • Seasonal outlooks, such as our annual summer forecast.
  • Fully quality-controlled climate data with no missing values.
  • Road weather services to help our clients plan for inclement weather conditions which may affect travel.
Weatherlogics’ summer 2018 precipitation forecast

We currently offer our subscription service only in Manitoba, however we plan to expand our service to other provinces in Canada. We can offer customized weather forecasting services for any location in Canada, just let us know what your needs are! If you live outside of Manitoba, please feel free to contact us to show your interest!

To download a sample forecast, or to learn more, visit our agriculture solutions page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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