Weather is a Major Risk in Transportation

One of the major operational risks that the transportation industry faces every day is the impact of weather on its operational earnings. Given this, Weatherlogics Inc. is pleased to provide a predictive service that allows dispatchers to make optimal decisions when routing freight to destinations. Route-specific reliable expected conditions up to 5 days (120 hours) into the future to assist dispatchers in decision-making on optimizing routes by avoiding adverse weather conditions enhancing safety and your bottom line. With Road Weatherlogics, you receive an accurate, detailed forecast that is updated frequently throughout the day.

What Makes Road Weatherlogics Unique?

Unlike a traditional weather forecast, Road Weatherlogics is designed specifically to predict how the weather will affect highways. The main advantage you get with Road Weatherlogics is knowing future highway conditions, not just what's happening right now. Here's a quick overview of what you get with Road Weatherlogics:

  • Hourly highway condition forecasts for the next two days
  • Predicted accumulations of rain, snow, and ice over the next 5 days
  • 5 day wind speed forecasts
  • Areas where the weather may cause future highway closures
  • Future potential for blowing snow or blizzard conditions
  • Webcams showing current highway conditions
  • Direct consulting line to professional meteorologists
  • Weather intelligence for all major highways in Canada and the United States

Early Warning of Adverse Weather

Road Weatherlogics provides advance warning of the weather hazards that impact transportation the most.

Snow makes highways more hazardous for travel


Heavy snow reduces traction and can cause delays or highway closures.

Ice on highways is one of the most dangerous weather conditions


Icy roads are one of the most dangerous hazards to highway transportation.

Wind can cause blowing snow and affect large vehicles

High Wind Speeds

High wind speeds can reduce visibility and are dangerous for high-profile vehicles.

The Features You Need

Latest Science

Road Weatherlogics incorporates the latest scientific methods in weather forecasting to predict future highway conditions. Our proprietary modeling system was designed specifically for predicting highway conditions.

Highway Routes

Road Weatherlogics includes all the major highways in Canada and the US. It is easy to toggle on and off different road options, including road condition, snow, blowing snow, wind, rain, and temperature.

Weather Options

Road Weatherlogics is able to predict every weather hazard that affects highway transportation. The latest snow, ice, temperature, wind, and blowing snow predictions are just a click away.

Available Everywhere

You don't need specific software to use Road Weatherlogics. Just use your account to logon to our online platform anywhere there is internet and the service is ready to use!

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