Agriculture Basic Yearly

$549.99 / year

This is the Weatherlogics basic yearly. More details are available below in the product description.

Product Description

The Weatherlogics basic subscription provides subscribers with daily forecasts (excluding Sundays). The forecasts are emailed to subscribers and provided through our web-based app. Each basic subscription includes the following features:

  • Daily five-day detailed forecast for the location of your choice
  • Meteorologist written weather discussion
  • Graphs and tables of the forecast
  • Long range forecast probabilities for the next 16 days
  • High-resolution forecast maps
  • Significant weather updates sent during the day when hazardous weather is occurring
  • Current conditions in the app
  • Weather radar in the app

This version of the basic subscription is billed yearly on the date when the subscription was first purchased. Forecasts are provided year-round.

If you are looking for additional features, such as future radar, disease models, video updates, or road forecasts, check out our premium subscriptions.