Canadian Prairies: 2021 Final Severe Weather Summary

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The Prairie hail season has now mostly come to an end. There may still be occasional small hail events, but severe storms are uncommon after September. Given that the bulk of the season is now in the books, we have compiled a summary of the 2021 season.

Across the Prairies, there were generally less severe weather events in 2021 (2020 figures in brackets). Hail reports were lower in Alberta with 385 (464) and Manitoba with 99 (145). However, Saskatchewan did have an increase compared to 2020 with 171 (108). Overall, there were 655 hail reports in our database in 2021 versus 717 in 2020. Tornado reports were also lower in 2021, with only 14 across the Prairies to date, versus 25 in 2020.

The map below shows all hail reports plus crop hail insurance claim locations from Co-op Hail Insurance. Claims data are only available in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, hence the denser hail data in those provinces.

Weatherlogics continues to monitor for severe weather year-round, but with activity unlikely for the rest of the year, we will resume with our summaries next spring. For more information about this severe weather season, don’t hesitate to contact us

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