Weather. As a Passion.

We can’t help it. There’s nothing we’d rather be doing than studying, predicting, and reporting on weather. Why is that important to you? Because when meteorologists – real people like us – who are trained in the science, provide weather reporting based on knowledge and experience, not simply computer-generated modeling data, the results are more accurate. Really. Imagine what that can do for business, transportation, and leisure.

You can’t change the weather, but you can plan for it. Our meteorologists have taken their passion for weather and built leading-edge tools to help you make better weather-dependent decisions. From knowing road conditions to knowing when to harvest, let our passion for weather benefit your business. Explore some of our solutions – we’d love to hear how we can help you today!

Don't Let the Weather Control You

Reduce Costs

Plan for upcoming storms to reduce weather-related costs

Improve Safety

Know when severe weather is expected so your employees can stay safe

Be Prepared

Always be aware of upcoming weather trends so your business is optimized for the elements

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For Agriculture

Plan your days with confidence. Our accurate weather forecasts can help ensure you make the best possible weather-dependent decisions.

For Insurance

Severe weather is a major cause of losses in Canada. Our severe weather forecasts and events database can help manage catastrophic events.

For Governments

From winter storms to floods to fire weather, our meteorologists can help provide the critical weather information to manage these hazards.

For transportation

Weather causes unsafe driving conditions and delays across the supply chain. Our road weather forecasts can keep drivers safe and help freight avoid bad weather.

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