Severe Weather

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) severe weather damage has caused $10 billion in damage since 1998 (IBC, 2017a). Losses from weather includes frost damage, flooding, ice storms, hailstorms, and wind damage. Virtually all catastrophic losses (> $25 million) in Canada over the last 30 years were weather related (IBC, 2017b).

How We Help

Weatherlogics provides services to the insurance industry that can help to assess risk and plan for future catastrophes. We have compiled the most accurate and up-to-date database of hail events in Canada. We also monitor severe wind damage from thunderstorms and tornadoes. By accessing the widest possible array of weather monitoring equipment, Weatherlogics is always on top of severe weather in Canada. Here are some of the services we provide to insurers:


We maintain Canada's only comprehensive database of quality-controlled hail reports. Our reports tell you where hail fell and how big it was.


We maintain details on all tornado events from across Canada. Our team are also experts in predicting severe weather such as thunderstorms and tornadoes.

Climate Data

Historical climate data in Canada is not fully quality-controlled. We take this raw data and correct all errors and missing values to make it suitable for analysis.

Weather Research

Our team is experienced in authoring peer-reviewed publications and scientific reports. Meteorological research is one of our core competencies.

Hail Data

*Hail damage maps are available for the Calgary hail storm on June 13, 2020. Please contact us for maps or shapefiles.

Weatherlogics maintains Canada's most comprehensive database of hail data. We collect hail reports for all provinces and territories in Canada and provide them to our clients in near real-time. Our hail reports are strictly quality controlled, to ensure accuracy and precision. Here are some of the ways this data can help you:

  • Verify hail insurance claims by consulting our database of reported hail events.
  • Assess the future risk of hail damage by monitoring trends in hail over time.
  • Integrate our hail data into other weather monitoring products or services.
  • We can produce hail damage maps by combining our verified reports with weather radar data.
  • Our meteorologists are severe weather experts who can provide forecasts of future hail events.

Access to our hail reports can be acquired on a one-time, monthly, or annual basis.

Get a sample hail report

Click the button to download a sample hail report for a Canadian hail event:

Tornado Data and Forecasts

Weatherlogics provides expert data and forecasts for tornado events in Canada. We maintain a quality-controlled database of all tornado events in Canada. Our meteorologists are also experts in predicting future tornado events, or analyzing previous case studies. Here are some of the way our tornado expertise can assist you:

  • Reported instances of tornadoes in Canada.
  • Future predictions of tornado locations.
  • Trends in tornado occurrences over time.

Climate Data and Weather Research

Weatherlogics is known for providing high-quality climate data for Canada. We take in raw observations collected by government agencies and implement our quality-control procedures to correct errors and replace missing data. Due to our expertise in data analysis, we can produce virtually any climate statistic. A few examples are the following:

  • Average or extreme air temperatures or dewpoint temperatures.
  • Instances of abnormally high or low relative humidity.
  • Extreme precipitation occurences.
  • Normal wind speed and direction ranges.

Weatherlogics also has experts in the field of meteorological research that can assist you with analyzing extreme weather events, or provide case study analyses.

Learn More About Climate Data

Visit our climate page to learn more about Weatherlogics' extensive climate database.

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Insurance Bureau of Canada, 2017b. FACTS of the property and casualty insurance industry in Canada 2017. Accessed 19 June 2017.