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Weather affects your daily activities – take control  using our advanced weather technology.

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All kinds of people use our weather forecasts to make important decisions. Feel confident and at ease knowing Weatherlogics will provide the weather information you need.

Canadian Meteorologists

Prairie-based  meteorologists produce Weatherlogics’ forecasts and keep clients informed with significant weather updates. Our meteorologists make consistent and accurate forecasts, unlike computer models that change every 6 hours.

App and Emails

You will receive a daily email with the latest weather forecast for your location. Use the Weatherlogics app to check live radar and view weather information in a variety of formats. 

Coverage Area

Our service is available Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta (excluding Peace country), and northern parts of Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota. If you are near the edge of the boundary, please contact us to determine if you are eligible.

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Subscription Options

Premium Subscription

Includes basic features plus additional premium features
$ 74
  • Daily forecast emails
  • Forecast for your location
  • Meteorologist discussion
  • High-resolution maps
  • Weather station current conditions
  • Significant weather updates
  • Full app access
  • Weather radar and future radar
  • Custom alerts
  • Highway and route forecasts
  • Hail maps

Basic Subscription

Includes basic features
$ 49
  • Daily forecast emails
  • Forecast for your location
  • Meteorologist discussion
  • High-resolution maps
  • Weather station current conditions
  • Significant weather updates
  • App access
  • Weather radar

The Weatherlogics' Difference

Many people ask us what makes our weather forecasts different….

The key difference is in the quality of our services and the accuracy of our forecasts

All of our forecasts are produced by meteorologists, and not computers. This has numerous benefits:

  • Real meteorologists can take into account all available data, not just one computer simulation
  • Our meteorologists use common terms to communicate how they expect the weather to behave
    •  giving you confidence in our forecasts and an idea of where there may be uncertainty.
  • Computer-based apps and websites update many times per day, causing the forecast to change constantly
  • Our app only updates as needed and all of the forecasts are curated by expert meteorologists
  • Our in-house Integrated Forecasting System uses cutting-edge technology to produce more accurate models
  •  Customer service is our top priority – if you have any issues, you can contact us!
Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 10.10.53 AM

Check It Out

Here are some screenshots of our daily forecast email and app


  • Forecasts Every Day – now including Sundays 
    • produced daily by expert meteorologists
  • Daily Hail Maps  – to know when to look for damage
  • Yesterday’s Rainfall Totals – a weather summary 
  • Seasonal Forecast Updates – for the next 3 months
  • Continuous App Updates & Improvements
Hail Map Example


If you are interested in reselling or distributing our forecasting service to your clients, please contact us for volume discounts. 

We are always interested in developing new relationships with other businesses.