Road Weatherlogics provides the weather intelligence you need

Unlike other data sources currently available, Road Weatherlogics displays data specifically designed for transportation to predict adverse road conditions on the horizon, up to 48 hours in advance.

With Road Weatherlogics, we also provide commercial clients with access to professional meteorologists who can provide additional details about where adverse weather are expected within North America. Our on-staff meteorologists are ready to answer any questions to help with your decision-making process.

Our web platform allows you to pick and choose specific highway routes in North America, or view all available routes at once.

Why Road Weatherlogics?

Winter Weather is Dangerous
  • Winter storms are large and can impact all modes of transportation
  • Snow, freezing rain, and icy roads are dangerous for drivers
  • Weather in remote areas can be poorly forecast and change quickly
  • Weather forecasts are not made specifically for highway travel
Weather Affects Transportation
  • Bad weather delays shipments, affecting customer relations
  • Drivers must use on-duty time when waiting for highways to reopen
  • Long combination vehicles (LCVs) cannot travel under adverse weather conditions
  • The highest retail volumes occur around the holidays when hazardous weather is common
Save Time and Money
  • Increase on-time deliveries by re-routing trucks around bad weather
  • Enhance customer relations by staying ahead of your competition
  • Make better decisions regarding whether to send LCVs or single trailers
  • Create safer working conditions for drivers by avoiding bad weather

Weather Options

Road Weatherlogics is able to predict many weather conditions that impact the trucking industry:

  • Nine different road conditions
  • Air temperature
  • Road pavement temperature
  • Snow accumulation on the road
  • Rain accumulation on the road
  • Wind speed
  • Intensity of blowing snow
  • Worst road conditions in the next 24 or 48 hours

Case Studies

Learn how others in the transportation industry are using Road Weatherlogics. Check out case studies from some of our clients:

"Given Arnold Bros. commitment to the highest standards in safety and customer serivce, the company was interested in finding a way to reduce the impact of adverse weather on their operations..."

"Penner International's slogan is "Our Promise Get Delivered". With this commitment to its customers, Penner International needs to minimize the impact of adverse weather on its operations..."


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