Premium Agriculture Subscription – Growing Season


The premium agriculture subscription includes six forecasts per week, from Monday through Saturday. One payment for the rest of the growing season (until October 31).


Agriculture weather subscriptions are still available for the 2019 growing season! Sign up today to receive daily weather updates until October 31.

Weatherlogics’ premium agriculture subscription is our comprehensive weather forecasting service for farmers in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and the Northern US. With the premium growing season subscription you will receive forecasts six days a week, from Monday to Saturday, until October 31. All forecast subscriptions include the following information:

New features for 2019!

  • Graphs with hourly forecasts for the next 36 hours.
  • Location-specific forecast based on your latitude and longitude.
  • Family farms can add one additional family member to their subscription for no extra charge.

Standard service features:

  • A five-day forecast for your farm in Manitoba or Saskatchewan (adjacent parts of northern Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota are also available).
  • A general weather outlook discussing the weather pattern over the next few days.
  • High-resolution maps of precipitation, wind, and temperature that show high-impact weather that will be occurring in the short-term.
  • A long-range outlook discussing the expected weather conditions over the next 1-3 weeks.
  • Significant weather email updates during the day when adverse weather is occurring