Matthieu Desorcy, B.Sc. (Hons/Coop)


Chief Meteorologist
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About Matt

Matt is the Chief Meteorologist and Co-Founder of Weatherlogics. A lifelong resident of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Matt has been passionate about weather from a very young age when his family got caught in a severe hail storm. Since then, he has brought his passion to a new level and has earned his Bachelor of Science (Honours, Co-op) in Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Manitoba.

In addition to pursuing his studies, Matt has forecasted for a private company for the past five summers and worked closely with them to predict convective weather and collect hail data. He has also been a volunteer weather balloon launcher at the University of Manitoba to collect important atmospheric data on severe weather days. During his spare time in the summer, Matt enjoys traveling across the Prairies to storm chase and also enjoys spending some downtime at the lake around the campfire with his family.


Research Interests

Matt’s main areas of meteorological research include:

  • Verification of instrument observations
  • Mesoscale thunderstorm processes
  • Anything that relates to hail



Here is a list of Matt's latest academic publications:

Desorcy, M., 2016: Microwave radiometer profile comparisons from the 2015 PECAN project: Honours thesis submitted to the Department of Environment and Geography, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB.