Weatherlogics provides specialized services to governments that require accurate, detailed meteorological data to make evidence-based decisions. We have a wide servicing offering for different departments and service providers:

Snow Clearing

Weatherlogics maintains a web-based portal with the weather information required to make snow clearing and road treatment decisions.


Weatherlogics can provide weather predictions and real-time consulting regarding the meteorological conditions that lead to flooding.

Insect Control

Our forecasts can be used to determine if weather conditions are optimal for deploying insect control treatments, reducing costs.

Forest Fires

Governments that require specialized monitoring during forest fire season can utilize the expertise of our meteorologists for fire weather prediction.


Weatherlogics quality-controls raw government climate data to make it suitable for conducting analyses of climate trends in Canada.

Snow Clearing

Weatherlogics has developed a proprietary road weather decision portal that is designed for use by governments. The decision portal provides high-quality, site-specific weather forecasts. It combines the accuracy and reliability of meteorologist-prepared forecasts with current observations from Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS). Some of the weather variables we provide include

  • Pavement temperatures
  • Dewpoint temperatures
  • Air temperature
  • Freezing rain accumulations
  • Frost development
  • Black ice development
  • Snowfall accumulations

Road Weather Platform

  • 5-day forecasts (with 6-hr precision).
  • 48-hour forecasts (with 1-hr precision).
  • Forecasts can be viewed in table format, graph format, or as a traditional icon-based forecast.
  • Detailed discussions, written by meteorologists, that fully communicate the expected weather and forecast uncertainties.
  • Viewer for RWIS data.
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada statements/alerts viewer.
  • Radar and satellite imagery.

Fire Weather

Weatherlogics predicts the weather conditions that are favourable for wildfires. Low relative humidity, hot temperatures, and high wind speeds can cause fires to rapidly expand. Receiving accurate predictions of weather conditions around ongoing fires is important to fight them effectively. Knowing when the weather is favourable for rapid growth of fires can also be used to discourage activities that contribute to starting fires.

  • Daily and hourly forecasts of:
    • Air temperature.
    • Relative humidity.
    • Wind speeds
    • Rainfall
  • Fire weather maps
  • Precipitation maps

Weatherlogics also provides excellent visualization solutions to overlay current weather conditions on maps of fire risk areas.

Other Solutions


Predicting the weather that contributes to urban flooding can allow municipal governments to design solutions that minimize its impacts.

Insect Control

Insect control requires favourable weather conditions. Weatherlogics can predict these conditions to allow governments to become more efficient in applications of pesticides.


Weatherlogics specializes in processing and quality-controlling climate data. Governments that need to make budgetary plans based on typical weather conditions can trust Weatherlogics' high-quality data.

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