Case Study: May 4, 2018 Destructive Southern Ontario Wind Storm

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A historic damaging wind event occurred in southern Ontario on 4 May 2018. The event was notable for its impacts, including downed trees and power lines and three fatalities. In some locations, these winds were the strongest ever recorded in the month of May. Wind gusts reached over 100 km/h in many areas, with a maximum measured gust of 126 km/h. The damage from this event totalled over $380 million in Ontario, making it the costliest event since the 2013 Toronto floods, according to Catastrophic Indices and Quantification Inc. The map below shows the locations of all measured wind gusts on 4 May 2018 that were at least 87 km/h.

This was a unique event because record-setting wind speeds occurred with both weak thunderstorms and no thunderstorm activity at all. In this case study we examine the meteorological mechanisms that produced the damaging winds. To view the case study, simple click the link below to visit the download page.

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