Hail Series Introduction

Over the next few weeks we’ll be publishing a series about hail. Hail affects nearly everyone at one time or another. Throughout the summer months, farmers, car dealers, insurance professionals, and many others, scan the sky daily. They are watching for towering cumulus clouds that may suddenly explode with thunder and lightning, and occasionally rain down a destructive blanket of hail stones.

The annual economic impact of hail storms runs into billions of dollars. In 2012, Alberta alone experienced $700 million in insured losses due to hail (source: Insurance Bureau of Canada). Insurance companies do have a direct interest in understanding the patterns of hail so that they can better predict losses and manage their claims process more efficiently.

For the rest of us, curiosity drives our desire to understand this fascinating and ever present natural phenomena.

Over the next three weeks we’ll explore the insides of hail stones, the behaviors of hail storms, and some of the economic and social implications of this fascinating phenomena. The first post on April 23, 2018 will discuss what hail is, and how it forms.

If you have questions about this topic or would like to suggest topics for future weather-related stories, please contact us at info@weatherlogics.com.

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